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Pehel Ek Nayi Soch Ki

  • Domestic Violence - Helping Women stand up
    for their rights

    Sarvpriye Foundation has taken a lead to help and remain by you even in the hardest of your time.
    We are here to determine the issues which are making your life challenging.

  • Covid Relief - Reaching out to the vulnerable
    during the pandemic

    The Sarvpriye Foundation felt a strong need to help citizens and families deeply affected by the pandemic and also raise awareness
    amongst other members of society regarding the multitudes of ill-effects Covid-19 has brought to different spheres of our world.

  • (SFWDIP) - Sarvpriye Foundation Women Development and
    Innovation Program

    We at Sarvpriye make women aware about their rights and remedial mechanisms
    available to them through our virtual and physical reach.

  • Detangling Thoughts - Mental Health Awareness and Support

    Detangling Thoughts is a starting point for important conversations about mental health.

  • Think Tank - Research on Women and Education in India

    This is a flagship initiative of Sarvpriye Foundation to research and showcase the ground
    reality of women in India.

  • Prakritik - A Marketplace to Support Women Breadwinners

    Prakritik is a platform established by Sarvpriye Foundation to celebrate the women artisans of India by providing
    them a medium to sell sustainable handloom products and upcycled goods.

  • Education for Children and Awareness Programs

    We at Sarvpriye Foundation focus on providing the children everything they need, from books to financial assistance,
    so that they can complete their basic education and have a bright future.


Gender Equality

Our Team is dedicatedly holding regular community-wide and also audience-specific webinars/seminars to promote awareness among people regarding gender equality, gender pay gap, women’s hygiene, media literacy and digital gender divide, period poverty and stigma.

Education for Girl Child

Our priority is to provide education to the girl child by providing financial assistance, books and other required resources so that they can be more informed about their basic rights. We believe education will have a long-term, wide-ranging impact on society and human development.

Empowering Women

In an attempt to help women earn a dignified livelihood, Sarvpriye Foundation focuses on generating employment opportunities by establishing vocational training centres to enhance their working capabilities and giving them the confidence they need.

About Sarvpriye Foundation

A happy and healthy woman whose rights are protected and honoured in a society that is built on respect of dignity, self-confidence and justice for all.

The mission of Sarvpriye Foundation is to promote economic empowerment of women through entrepreneurial ventures, empowerment education and awareness programmes to help women realize their human rights and develop to their full potential.

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