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A Marketplace to Support Women Breadwinners - Prakritik

Financial independence is of immense importance for each and every individual, and women often lag behind in the same due to lack of support and resources. In an attempt to generate employment opportunities for women, Sarvpriye Foundation has been focusing on establishing vocational training centers to provide women with an enhanced skill set, empower them and enable them to stand on their own feet with pride.

Prakritik is a platform established by Sarvpriye Foundation to celebrate the women artisans of India by providing them a medium to sell sustainable handloom products and upcycled goods.

How Can You Help?

Your Small contribution can make a big impact. As we all know “Drip fills the Ocean''. The idea of contributing to improve the lives of the impoverished and the needy has existed since time immemorial. From companies to individuals, people from all walks of life are known to contribute money for a better future for all. To encourage people to donate for good causes, the Income Tax Department allows one to claim exemption under Section 80G on the amount donated to charities and NGOs.

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Your Small Contribution can make a Big Impact!