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About Us




 Women, the very backbone of our existence

Women have been facing misogyny, male chauvinism and violence since ages. They are denied their basic rights like education and employment opportunities which hinder their development in every aspect. In order to strengthen women, Sarvpriye Foundation focuses on the promotion of girl child education and provides support to the women who are victims of domestic violence by generating employment opportunities, organising awareness campaigns and establishing vocational training centers.

Our Objectives


To remove the taboo of domestic violence from our society


Sarvpriye Foundation aims at removing this social taboo of domestic violence which proves to be detrimental in development of women, by raising awareness through campaigns and educational sessions.


To generate employment opportunities for everyone


Sarvpriye Foundation focuses on generating employment opportunities by establishing vocational training centers to enhance their working capabilities and giving them the confidence they need.


To educate women in order to bring a sense of self sufficiency in them

Sarvpriye Foundation strives to promote girl-child education to ensure that women are not denied the basic rights and are capable enough to sustain themselves and stand up for their rights.

Founder, Decisionmaker & Changemaker


“For the next couple of minutes, read and imagine what the following lines ask for –
You are a 9-year-old kid. A spirited, enthusiastic, and inquisitive child that yearns to
know about everything around. Every day, you come home, after having a tiring game of
cricket with your friends. But the game of cricket is not what tires you. The match that’s
lost is not what tires you, the scorching heat is not what tires you.
It’s the surrounding, the environment, the cheerful pain that you see in the eyes of the
kids in the backyard slum, that incline to go out and play but are so burdened by their
family pressure at this young age, decide to stay behind the cages and work.
Nonetheless, You come home, you complain, you talk to people around, you seek out
help and solutions to this apathy – yet you get nothing but a sweet goodnight kiss and a
tucked in bed as its clock is way past bedtime.
Like you and others, even I certainly have related myself to this little 9-year-old kid, all
throughout the experiences of my life – Hungry for social change.
With an entrepreneurial head combined with a selfless drive towards social
development and management, I am on the hunt towards converging and summing up
my passion and purpose in life into 1 single statement – Growing by growing others.
All this led to a fire in my heart to start an organization – “The surprise foundation”, An
NGO that promotes Women Entrepreneurship & Sustainability along with a focus on
child education across India.
As a Young Social Entrepreneur, I have embarked a journey towards establishing a
a community that promotes equitable and cohesive living in the society.
I believe that to bring social prosperity, it’s extremely necessary to change the
the mindset of people, hence creating a mass movement in the concerned areas is the catalyst.”

Team Members

Mr. Aakarshan Sethi

Project Officer & Influencer Innovation & Entrepreneurship Specialist

Mr. Ayush Raj

Lead - Finance & Partnerships

Ms. Sanaya Nayak

Executive Member - Partnerships

Ms. Pooja Chhetri

Lead - Business Development

Mr. Priyanshu Jain

Lead - Research, Development & Data Analytics

Ms. Shreya Saxena

Lead- Website Development

Mr. Abhishek Arya

Member- content marketing team

Ms. Mahee Malik

Team Lead - Volunteers

Mr. Nikhil Priya


Ms. Ritika Chauhan


Ms. Deeksha Wadhwa


Ms.Ayana Malhotra


Latest News

People working behind Sarvpriye Foundation keep only 1 thought in mind –
“Grow by growing others”

The latter part of the phrase poses a major influence in our lives and the way we work.

Thus,our ideologies, projects, yojnas – all revolve around the concept of doing small contributions and improving the world around us.

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