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Ms. Priya Gupta

Founder, Decisionmaker & Changemaker

Founder's Message

For the next couple of minutes, read and imagine what the following lines ask for –You are a 9-year-old kid. A spirited, enthusiastic, and inquisitive child that yearns to know about everything around. Every day, you come home, after having a tiring game of cricket with your friends. But the game of cricket is not what tires you. The match that’s lost is not what tires you, the scorching heat is not what tires you.
It’s the surrounding, the environment, the cheerful pain that you see in the eyes of the kids in the backyard slum, that incline to go out and play but are so burdened by their family pressure at this young age, decide to stay behind the cages and work. Nonetheless, You come home, you complain, you talk to people around, you seek out help and solutions to this apathy – yet you get nothing but a sweet goodnight kiss and a tucked in bed as its clock is way past bedtime. Like you and others, even I certainly have related myself to this little 9-year-old kid, all throughout the experiences of my life – Hungry for social change. With an entrepreneurial head combined with a selfless drive towards social development and management, I am on the hunt towards converging and summing up my passion and purpose in life into 1 single statement – Growing by growing others. All this led to a fire in my heart to start an organization – “The Sarvpriye Foundation”, An NGO that promotes Women Entrepreneurship & Sustainability along with a focus on child education across India. As a Young Social Entrepreneur, I have embarked on a journey towards establishing a
community that promotes equitable and cohesive living in society. I believe that to bring social prosperity, it’s extremely necessary to change the mindset of people, hence creating a mass movement in the concerned areas is the catalyst.”

Our Team

Mr. Aakarshan Sethi

Project Officer & Influencer Innovation & Entrepreneurship Specialist

Mr. Ayush Raj

Lead - Finance & Partnerships

Ms. Sanaya Nayak

Executive Member - Partnerships

Ms. Pooja Chhetri

Human resources


Mr. Hatim Bohra

Front-end web developer

Ms. Shreya Saxena


Mr. Abhishek Arya

Member- content marketing team

Ms. Mahee Malik

Team Lead - Volunteers